Marriage can being defined as a mutual relationship
ordained by Alllah for the believers as an act of
ibadah between two people who love, trust, care,
understand and respect eachother for the sake of
Allah so as to attain jannah, procreate children,
fulfilll their sexual desires, unite and enjoy
companionship for ever with its continuation in
paradise in sha Allah. Marriage is a great sunnah of
the prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam. To the extent
that he said, there is nothing better for two people
who love eachother than marriage (jamii tirmidhi).
The importance of marriage can be traced back to
the early days of adam alayhi salam. When Allah
created him, the first thing Alllah gave him is
knowledge, and the second thing Alllah gave him is
marriage (hawa r.a) subhanAllah. These shows how
signifcance of nikkah. Adam alahyi salam felt lonely,
Alllaah didn’t give him a TV to while away time, he
didn’t give him PS3, or blackberry, orr a car or
but Allah gave him our mother in marriage. How
we now hesitate to marry today? Brodaz and sistaz
islam, why are you still single? Are you not tired of
having wet dreams? Are you not tired of staring at
the oppossite genger? Are u not tired of cooking
undone food? Are u not tired of attending other
people’s marriage while you refuse to marry?
is neva an excuse, some companions were almost
penniless as at the time they married. If the second
thing that Allah gave the first human being /first
prophet on earth is marriage, then what are u still
waiting for? ………… What Is your excuse? Is it
money? Allah promises to enrich married couples
from his bounties. Is it unemployment? Allah
promises to make a way for you from sources that
you couldn’t have imagined? Is it that you have not
found the right person? Allah promises to be with
patient ones. Is it tribalism? Allah said he created
from a single pair of male and female and made us
into nation and tribes so that we may know each
other. What then is your excuse for refusing to
marry? Is it your fear of heartbreak? The prophet
said, what hit you couldn’t have missed you and
what missed you couldn’t have hit you. Is it bcos
dislike early marriage and u want to graduate frm
school before marriage? Allah said, perhaps you
dislike a thing but in reality its good for you and
perhaps you love a thing but In reality its bad for
you. Is it bcos your friends are commiting zina and
want to follow them too? Allah said, if you follow
most of the people of the world, they will mislead
you away from the path of Allah. Is it because you
want to have ur own car/house first? The prophet
said, whoever trusts Allah sincerely, Allah will
provide for him just the way he provides for the
who go out in the morning empty and return home
satisfied. ……. Dear single brodaz and sistaz, what
then is your excuse ???? Why have you refused to
marry? Is it that you don’t believe in the words of
Allah or in the ahadith of the prophet? Don’t you
know you are not getting any younger? Has the time
not come for you to give your parents grandchildren
to carry in their hands? Has the time not come for
you to have trust in Allah and get married
irrespective of your situation? Allah said, has the
time not come for the believers that their hearts
should be affected by the Quran and to embrace the
truth which has been revealed. (Surah hadeed vs
16). When you go to a family and make a proposal
that you want to marry their 14yrs old daughter,
they will telll you that their daughter is TOO young
for marital commitments but when that same
daughter has some boyfriends, her parents will not
complain about it. This is the irony of our society
today! Allah created us and so he understands our
bodies needs even more than we know ourselvs.
Once a person reaches puberty, he naturally starts
getting inclined to the other gender, bcos he/she
feelings and emotions running thru the veins and
hearts which has to be fulfilled either through the
halal way or haram way. Some people are born with
high level of hawa (desire) whille some have low
hawa. That’s why u see today in primary and
schools, small children now go to the bushes and
uncompleted buildings to have haram fun. On
valentines day, that’s the day of zina especialy in
tertiary institutions. How many muslims have even
fell victim of all these before they were guided to
islam? That’s why u hardly see male/female virgins
today. If every family follows the sunnah and forms
the habit of givin out their children in marriage as
soon as they reach puberty, then many pple wil be
married with their chastity intact. Personally, if Allah
blesses me with daughters, none of them will still
in my house at the age of 16 latest in sha Allah.
Another thing that increases tempration in people is
all these TV and western media we watch everyday.
Its part of the agenda of the kufar to create a
decaded and godless society where people will now
fornicate like chickens, that’s why they entice u with
it through their movies with lots of romantic scenes.
This is what corrupts young minds today. Its part of
the duty of father’s to look for spouses for their
children and also sponsor the marriage of their
children if need be. This is part of the sunnah, but
today, every thing is left for the children to do, and
that is why they find it difficult to marry. Umar ibn
khattab r.a went up and down asking abubakar and
uthman to come and marry his daughter, but it was
the prophet s.a.w that later married hafsa. Umar
found a woman for one of his sons. That’s the
sunnah. That’s why marriage was very easy then.
Early marriage has now become a sunnah that is
gradually found its way into the list of the “forgotten
sunnah”. When you marry early, it has many
advantages as follows: you will start enjoying
companionship early, you will begin to enjoy halal
intimacy early, you will begin to earn the many
rewards that the married pple have over unmarried
pple early, you may quickly begin to procreate
children, you will be at the tip of ur strengty and
youthfulness so u wil have the power to raise kids
well early, you will be used to child birth early, you
will quickly adapt to breast feeding early, you will
quickly be through with child upbringing wahala
early, you will marry off ur children early, you will
begin to reap the fruits of your children early, and
you will retire from job early in life. So, which of
lord’s blessings can you deny ?????????????????????
???????????? But when you marry late, like the age
25 and above, first, you might have commited a lot
of sins already like zina of the eyes and ears, hand
and even leg and worst of all maybe zina of the
organs. Secondly, at that age, ur youthfulness is far
gone already, when u start giving biirth, you may
start having complications in delivery bcos ur
are weakening, thirdly, you are growing older and
weaker by the day, so you may not have much
strength to cater for the baby, that’s why many
women do seek for assistance from their mother or
house maid to help them with their new infants like:
carrying the baby, washing diapers, and other house
chores. That’s why many women breakdown, have
body aches everyday, sick often, have fibroid or
high blood pressure, ageing quickly, loss of beauty
and disfiguration. Then u will not also be able to
retire from work early despite ur old age bcos u
kids to feed, dats why most of our parents still work
despite their age all bcos dey didn’t marry early, All
bcos dey didn’t marry early. Brothers and sisters in
islam, as a student of knowledge, u shud not
to marry, that’s why some brodaz fiind it difficult to
do hifz or memorize the things dey are taught, bcos
they are always admiring one sista or the other,
always dreaming about one broda or the other,
always stylishly makin tasleem to that broda or
sister! GO AND MARRY and stop all this hanky
Sheik salih al fawzaan said, a man who comes to an
empty home and doesn’t have a wife lives a difficult
life, even if the home is full of money and
enjoyments (al ittihaf, P. 857). Sheikh
as’saadi said, there is a special type of joy and
that one feels in marriage only and he won’t find
such rahma anywhere else (taysir, p.639). Marriage
doesn’t distract anyone frm seeking for knowledge
as many pple think. Imam ibn qayyim al jawziyah
said, the prophet partook in foot racing with his
wives, wrestled with people, sew his shows and
clothes with his own hands, he mended his bucket
water, milked his sheep, patched his thoub, served
himself and his family and carried mud bricks when
the masjid was being built (za’ad ul ma’ad 1/285).
The prophet had time for all these things yet he was
the most knowledgeale, he was d greatest da’ee, he
was still at the helms of islamic affairs. Look at
r.a, she was one of the greatest examples of earlly
marriage, yet we all know that she was the most
knowledgeable person in the ummah. SubhanAllah.
She was married at a tender age, when the beautiful
young lady was married, the women of the ansar
gathered to welcome her and dressed her, the
prophet drank millk and gave her a romantic milk to
drink, but she declined shyly, wow. Then her sista
asma bint abubakr gestured her until she drank it.
That’s part of the sunnah, for new couples to
exchange a milk drink, how sweet is the sunnah.
How sweet is marriaage, am talking from
lol. No wonder, abdull
ahi ibn masud said, if it was
possible for me to know that I have only ten days to
leave, I will still use it to get married. Imam ibn
qayyim said, love is a disease and its only cure is
marry the one whom u love. May Allah grant us
spouses who wil make us happy ever after, amin


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