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Osun State Polytechnic, Iree. Ospoly Please Note that once Jamb gives you
admission, You are to print their Admission
Letter and Notice Of Admission on their Site.
It will be tendered at point of School
Registration. .
And Also, You will still buy a Notification
Card From our School Bank which is #900.
You will use this to also check and print a
copy of your admission notice with Ospoly. .
To those who had good marks and yet
haven’t been chosen, its better to wake up
instead, others with lower marks seeks
help and take your place..

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European Bikepacking Routes

gypsy by trade

Bicycle Times Bikepacking Europe1 28Luxembourg, GR5/E2 trail

Two years ago I wondered about bikepacking routes in Europe.  After eight months of riding, researching, and blogging from Amsterdam to Sevastapol to Athens, this resource is the culmination of our efforts.  Europe is a great place to explore by bike, off-pavement, and self-supported.  Eat great food, visit fascinating cultural and historical places, and learn new languages, in between bike rides.  In Europe, there are rides and routes for every interest and skill level.  Use the search function or the archives on this page to learn more about our rides in Europe through the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Czech, Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo, and Greece.

This is an incomplete list of European bikepacking routes.  These routes are either mapped, signed, and/or available as GPS tracks.  Many routes originate as self-supported off-pavement endurance races, multi-day stage races, or challenging routes for solo ITT.  Some are government tourism projects.  Others are the creation…

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lieexpose about paul

1459331_563030203777062_46254292_nClick to see PROOF THAT ZIONISTS AND
WORLD with AntiChrist God Willing:- https://
Click to see Proof that Jehovah (OT) is Satan:-
Click to see Proof of the Pagan Moon God Named
Yeshua as well a Yahwe (with all its various
different spellings) God willing:- http://
Christian people worship Jesus Krishna (who are 2
different people, yet Krishna in Roman Language
means Christ-(there is a story behind this, AND
teachings go directly against the teachings of Jesus
because they follow a false Prophet by the name of
Paul who was later stoned to death.
After the crucifixion , the different opinions about
the condition of Jesus. Some regard the death on
the cross . This belief is desired by Jewish rabbis
and Muslims who reject Jesus . And some are of
the opinion that Jesus ( peace be upon him ) has
not died , but God save him as in said in the
Qur’an , Surah An-Nisa verse 157 .
What kind of development people after the death of
Jesus ???
Jewish Torn
Jews are divided into three groups :
First , the Jews who believe in the mission of Jesus
and then become a follower of Jesus. They are
called as Christians and among them there are
faithful disciples mentioned in the Qur’an as
Hawariyyun ( Surah As- Shaff : 14 ) . In the writings
of historians , this group is referred to as Judeo –
Christianity / Jewish – Christian .
Second , the Jews who were hostile to Jesus and
his followers . They are followers of the Jewish
rabbis . They are the ones when Pilate gave the
choice between Jesus and Barabbas , then they
prefer Barabbas to be released instead of Jesus .
Mayor Matthew 27:21-22 country answered and
said to them : “Which of the two do you want me to
release it to you ? ”
And they said, ” Barabbas . ” Pilate said to them : ”
If so , what should I do with Jesus who is called
Christ ? ” They all said, ” Crucify him ! ”
Third , people who are not the children of Israel ,
and they also do not embrace Judaism . They are
called by Goyyim / Gentile . Generally these people
are from the Roman and other areas. They
worshiped many idols or gods so -called pagans .
Paul Identity
In its development appears a man named Paul . It
was he who changed the belief that Jesus brought
a new face that is totally different from the original
conviction . The irony is this belief that is followed
up to this moment by Christians worldwide .
His real name is Saul , born in Tarsus ( Turkey )
approximately 2 years before Christ . Because
Jesus was born about the year 6 BC , Paul aged
approximately 8 years younger than Jesus. Paul’s
father came from the tribe of Benjamin, one of the
12 ethnic tribes of the Israelites . It was in the city
of Tarsus there is a Greek college , a few temple
gods , buildings comedy, and other entertainment
venues are highly favored by the Greeks . Since
Paul was very interested in the young of culture ,
especially Greek philosophy. In his collected two
influences , the law and Greek philosophy .
Paul also studied formally at Gamalil , a very
famous Jewish scholars in Jerusalem.
Intersection influence of Greek philosophy on
Judaism in the time it was a common thing . Flow
of Greek philosophy very influential when it is
considered pantheistic Stoic flow of God and a
creature of the same unit just different in substance
and form visions . Mixing between the teachings of
Stoic philosophy with the teachings of Judaism are
Jewish philosopher Philo on. He regarded the
Logos of the Stoics as a sort of supreme angel aka
Holy Spirit . Philo lived during the life of Jesus and
Paul. Paul was not a man of Bethlehem ( the
hometown of Jesus ) or the Nazarene sect /
Nazorite nor the people of Jerusalem . He never
associated with environmental Jesus . He was not
a disciple of Jesus , nor his followers also . Paul
noted Biblical fact alone is the enemy of the
followers of Jesus and he acts very cruel to them .
Paul never married until her death due to her
physical condition defects ( clubfoot leg , eye defect
side , mangy bald ) .
Paul as Intruders
The apostle Paul declared himself as Jesus . He
met the disciples of Jesus , to know the strengths ,
weaknesses and strengths influence . He started a
plan to spread his message to the Gentiles .
Feeling make progress, he devoted all his ability
and made ??inroads in large numbers . He put the
ideas of Greek philosophy into the obtainment of
the teachings of Jesus disciples.
Teachings of Jesus is specific only to the children
of Israel , it is mentioned in the Qur’an,
And ( remember ) when Jesus son Mary said : ” O
Children of Israel , verily I am the messenger of
Allah unto you , confirming the book before me ,
namely the Torah , and gave happy news with ( the
coming of ) an Apostle who will come after me ,
whose name is Ahmad ( Muhammad ). ” And when
the messengers came to them with tangible
evidence, they said : ” This is the real magic.
” (Surah As- Shaff :6) .
And also mentioned in the Bible is clear that Jesus’
mission only to the children of Israel ( Matthew
10:5-6 ) , the twelve disciples were sent by Jesus
and He advised them :
“Do not stray to other nations or to enter the city of
the Samaritans , but rather go to the lost sheep of
the house of Israel .
Greek culture is very influential in the wider
community of Judea at the time, which is now
Palestine . The entry of the Roman invaders
brought culture . In addition to colonize , to rob the
people and natural resources , they also spread
their ideology to the Jewish community that is
pantheism .
If we ever watch a movie series Hercules , that’s
where the picture of the teachings of pantheism .
Teachings on the worship of many gods . Some are
called to Zeus , supreme god , the father of all the
gods . There Hera , wife of Zeus , the god of war
Ares , god Aprodite beauty , and many others .
What is interesting here , Zeus married the woman
of the earth and gave birth to a boy who is super
strong , named Hercules . And he is regarded as
the savior of mankind .
Why is it called attractive , personalized Hercules
figure is very similar to Jesus who is also regarded
as the savior of mankind . Indeed, the coming of
Jesus is to save the human race but not as a living
god among men as well as Hercules . Prophet
Jesus as only a man , a messenger of God , a
prophet , a signpost on the truth that God
approves . Well this false teaching that Jesus is
God as well as Hercules , it is distributed by Paul .
The teaching of Jesus is worshiped on the one
god , monotheism . While Paul’s teaching is a form
derived from the teachings of pantheism . Paul
taught the trinity , the three gods namely that there
is God the
Father , God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.
Here is how indeed differences were virtually
teachings of Paul and Jesus :
10 (ten) fundamental differences in the teachings of
Jesus and Paul :
1 . Teachings of Jesus : Jesus was a messenger of
God ( Jesus never asked to be worshiped /
deified ) .
Jesus answered, ” I was sent only to the lost sheep
of the house of Israel . ” ( Matthew 15:24).
And this is life eternal, that they might know thee
the only true God , and Jesus Christ, whom thou
hast sent . ( John 17:3 ) , ( John 11:42 ). I (Jesus)
say to you, a servant is not superior to his master,
or a messenger of the one who sent him . I tell
you :
Surely whoever accepts the one sent me , he
receives Me , and whoever receives me , receives
him ( the Father ) who sent me . ( John 13:16,20 ) .
You have heard , that I ( Jesus ) have told you that
I go away , but I come back to you . Had you love
Me , you would rejoice because I go to my Father ,
for the Father is greater than I am. ( John 14:28 ) .
Paul’s teaching : Jesus is Lord .
But for us there is one God, the Father, from whom
are all things and for whom we exist , and one
Lord , Jesus Christ , through whom are all things
and through whom we live . ( 1 Corinthians 8:6 ) .
That if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is
God , and believe in your heart that God raised him
from the dead , thou shalt be saved . ( Romans
10:9 ).
Paul is trying to indoctrinate others that just by
believing Jesus as Lord and believe Jesus rose
from the dead , then he will be saved . In Paul’s
teaching / Christian , Jesus is promoted as God
than with God / Father .
Compare the statements of Jesus which further
accentuates the God / Father as the one God .
2 . Teachings of Jesus : not nullify the law , even
the law continue .
” Do not think that I ( Jesus ) have come to abolish
the Law or the Prophets . I am not come to
destroy , but to fulfill . ( Matthew 5:17 ) .
Because I tell you the truth, until heaven and earth
pass, one jot or one title shall in no wise pass from
the law , till all be fulfilled . ( Matthew 5:18) .
Therefore, whoever breaks one commandment once
– was the smallest , and thus teach it to others , he
will occupy the lowest place in the kingdom of
heaven ; but who does and teaches all the
commandments of the law , he will occupy a high
place in the kingdom of heaven . ( Matthew 5:19) ,
( Matthew 5:20) .
Law is part of the teachings of Jesus that must be
implemented by the people.
Paul’s teaching : Christians condemn the law .
You know , that man is not justified by observing
the law , but through faith in Christ Jesus.
Therefore we – also have believed in Christ Jesus ,
that we might be justified by faith in Christ and not
by observing the law . Because : “no one will be
justified ” by works of the law . ( Galatians 2:16 ) ,
( Galatians 3:24-25 ) , ( Galatians 5:4 ) , ( Romans
3:27-28 ) and ( Ephesians 2:15) .
3 . Teachings of Jesus : Male circumcision should
And when the eight days and he had to be
circumcised , he was named Jesus , the name
called by the angel before he was conceived his
mother . ( Luke 2:21) .
This is my covenant , which ye shall hold , the
agreement between me and you and thy seed,
which every male among you shall be
circumcised ; circumcision skin should be cut off
and that will be a sign between me and you .
( Genesis 17:10-11 ) .
Child who is eight days old shall be circumcised ,
every male that is among you , from generation to
generation : whether born in your house , or
bought with money of any stranger, but does not
include descendants . ( Genesis 17:12 ) , ( Genesis
17:13) , ( Genesis 17:14) , ( Genesis 21:4 ) .
Paul’s teaching : Christians do not require
Because for those who are in Christ Jesus neither
circumcision nor uncircumcision it has no meaning
something , just faith that works by love .
( Galatians 5:6 ) .
Circumcision is nothing and uncircumcision is
nothing . The important thing is to obey the laws of
God . ( 1 Corinthians 7:19) .
4 . Teachings of Jesus : There is no inherited sin .
When Jesus saw this , he was indignant and said to
them : ” Let the children come to me , do not
hinder them , for the people who like that is the
kingdom of God . ( Mark 10:14 ) .
The person who sins , it shall die . Children will not
share in the guilt of the father and the father would
not share in the guilt of his son. The righteous shall
be upon him the truth , and the wickedness of the
wicked shall be upon him . ( Ezekiel 18:20 ) .
Paul’s teaching : Each person inherits the sin of
Therefore, just as sin entered into the world by a
single person ( Adam ) , and death through sin ,
and thus death spread to all men , because all
sinned . ( Romans 5:12 ) .
NB : Because of the original sin of Adam ,
according to Paul , crucified Jesus supposedly to
atone for the sins of man.
5 . Teachings of Jesus : Fasting , perform ablution ,
teaches prostrate and pray while prostrating . But
when you fast , oiled your head and wash your face
( Matthew 6:17) .
Moses and Aaron and his sons washed their hands
and feet with water from it . When they went into
the tent of meeting , and when they come near to
the altar , they washed the feet and hands , as the
Lord commanded Moses . ( Exodus 40:31-32 ) .
Then He ( Jesus ) went a little farther , then bowed
down and prayed , saying, ” O my Father, if it be
possible , let this cup pass from me , but not as I
delight , but as thou wilt . ” ( Matthew 26:39 ) ,
( Numbers 20:6 ) , ( Genesis 17:2-3 ) .
Paul’s teaching : singing in church .
And speaking to one another in psalms , hymns of
praise and hymns. Singing and making melody to
the Lord with all your heart . ( Ephesians 5:19 ) .
Let the word of Christ richly dwell among you , so
that you with all wisdom teaching and admonishing
one another and singing psalms and hymns and
spiritual songs , you thank God in your heart .
( Colossians 3:16 ) .
6 . Teachings of Jesus : prohibit luxury living in the
world .
“Do not lay up treasures on earth , where moth and
rust earth destroy, and where thieves break in and
steal. But for yourselves treasures in heaven, where
moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves
do not break in and steal . ( Matthew 6:19-20 ) .
Teachings of Paul : No ban on luxury living in the
Christian teaching . ” People who steals must steal
it again , but let him work hard and do a good job
with his own hands , so that he can distribute to
those in need . ” ( Ephesians 4:28 ) .
7 . Teachings of Jesus : dead wrapped in a
shroud .
And Joseph also took the body, gives shroud with
a clean linen cloth , ( Matthew 27:59 ).
They took the body of Jesus , gives shroud and
wrapped it in linen clothes with the spices, as the
manner of the Jews is to bury . ( John 19:40) .
Paul’s teaching : death was given clothes neatly
and wrapped coffin
8 . Teachings of Jesus : do not cancel stoning .
In the law Moses commanded us to stone such
women . What then do you ( Jesus ) about it ?
” ( John 8:5 ) .
And when they constantly ask Him ( Jesus ) , he
got stood up and said to them : ” Whoever among
you without sin , let him throw the first stone at
her. ” ( John 8:7 ) .
Paul’s teaching : There is no mention of stoning in
Christianity .
Christianity rejects stoning , because he is part of
the law . Refer back to Paul’s statement in
Galatians 2:16 ( point 2 above ) .
9 . Teachings of Jesus : Applying the law of Qisas
You have heard that it was said, An eye for an eye
and a tooth for a tooth . ( Matthew 5:38 ).
eye for an eye , tooth for tooth , hand for hand ,
foot for foot ( Exodus 21:24) .
replace broken fracture , eye for eye , tooth for
tooth ; like others made ?? blameless , that should
be made to him . ( Leviticus 24:20 ) .
Thou shalt not pity him , because the effect : the
life for life , eye for eye , tooth for tooth , hand for
hand , foot for foot . ” ( Deuteronomy 19:21 ) .
Paul’s teaching : Cancelling Qisas law , plunges
into slavery .
But I tell you : Do not fight the person harming
you , but whoever slaps you on your right cheek ,
turn to him the left cheek . And if any man will sue
you and take your tunic , give your cloak as well .
And whoever compels you to go one mile, go with
him two miles .
Give to the one who asks you , and do not reject
the person who wants to borrow from you .
( Matthew 5:39-42 ) .
10 . Jesus did not create a new religion and Paul
who created Christianity
Refer back to Jesus statement in Matthew 5:17-20
( Item 2 above ) .
>>> However , Christianity is a new religion that
was born after the attempted crucifixion of Jesus .
>>> ” They lived together with the church for an
entire year , and taught much people . In Antioch
the disciples were first called Christian.” ( Acts
11:26 ) .
>>> Well , it is increasingly clear . that Christians
today are not followers of the teachings of Jesus ,
but followers of the teachings of Paul . They are not
Christians but are more properly called Christian.